hoped for triumphs thanks to the Garcigrande at the end

“Garcigrande has been coming to Bayonne for many years and overall, this iron has been very successful, replies the empresa of the bayonnaise arenas. We remember last year’s lot, where four bulls had an impressive presentation. They came from the Bilbao bullfight which had been cancelled. El Juli agreed to take them. He cut two ears off his second. »

Many successes

“Overall, continues Alain Lartigue, we experienced a lot of triumphs in Bayonne with the bulls of Garcigrande. We are also going to give the ganadero, Justo Hernandez, a photo taken in 1994 by the photographer Bernard Hiribarren, during the exit in triumph from the arenas of Bayonne which he made with his father and the mayoral, at the end of bullfighting. »

For Alain Lartigue, it is no coincidence that Garcigrande is one of the ganaderias which present, each year, the largest number of bulls in the arenas of Spain and France and from which come the largest number of trophies.

“It’s one of the most regular breeders. It is present in the biggest arenas, with a high success rate. He has been in Arles for 25 years and will be there again next week (for the Goyesque bullfight on Saturday September 10 with Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Pablo Aguado: Editor’s note). »

Neither easy nor commercial

Alain Lartigue rejects the “easy” breeding criticism expressed by certain aficionados. “These are ill-intentioned or misinformed people,” he said. Garcigrande is not an easy or commercial breeding. Most often these are toros that move and have a lot of spice. »

Those of Sunday in any case, appear to be in line with those of last year, which allowed El Juli and Juan Leal to triumph and five ears to fall.

Sunday at 5:30 p.m., it will be up to the three bullfighters of the cartel of the day, Miguel Angel Perera, Paco Ureña and Jesus Enrique Colombo, to try to do as much if not better.

Erales of the South West

At 11 a.m., on the occasion of the novillada without picador, the erales (young toros between one and two years old), all come from farms in the southwest. With Camino de Santiago, Lartet, Alma Serea, Casanueva and La Espera. To face them, Rafael Ponce de Leon (Nîmes), Juanito (Adour Aficion), Tristan Baroso (Almendralejo), Manuel Roman (Janen) and Cristiano Tores (Salamanca).

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