here are the new features brought to the connected watch from Apple

watchOS 9 wouldn’t be a good update to the Apple Watch if it didn’t feature a few new watch faces. Here three new collections are appearing with the Metropolitan dial, the Lunar and Astonomy dials as well as Recreation, which will delight your children. The Portrait dials now allow you to display your dogs and cats with a depth effect and the Modular dials can accommodate a colored or gradient background to perfectly match the color of your bracelet. Finally, Nike dials are finally available for all Apple Watch, while Apple has discontinued the Apple Watch Nike range this year.

A new Energy Saving mode replaces the “Reserve” mode. Once activated, the latter automatically cuts the Always On screen and some energy-consuming sensors. Apple’s promise is to double the watch’s battery life, from 18 to 36 hours. We will see in use if this is the case.

The new watchOS 9 finally offers a new Calendar application, which finally allows you to create an event directly on the wrist, as well as new accessibility options and an improvement in family settings to offer more options to your children wearing a paired Apple Watch to your iPhone.

watchOS 9 is available for Apple Watch Series 4 and above, as well as theApple Watch SE.

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