Halo Infinite Local Campaign Split-Screen Co-Op Has Been Canceled

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Yesterday we told you about the September Halo Infinite Developer Update on the Halo Waypoint Blog, from 343 Industries. As part of the developer update, members of the development team sat down for a chat about all things Halo Infinite. In particular, we’ve been briefed on what fans can expect in the upcoming winter update which will launch on November 8, and beyond. Season 3: Echoes Within arriving on March 7 next year.

let’s get back to that winter update. We know that two of the most anticipated features will finally arrive on this November 8 launch date: The To forge and Cooperative campaign. That’s a lot for Halo Infinite fans to get excited about, though the news is somewhat mixed regarding the implementation of campaign co-op.

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While this new way to play will undoubtedly come with new achievements, cross-platform play between Xbox and Windows machines, shared progression, and mission replay, something will be sorely missing. 343 Industries has decided to exclude local split-screen play in the co-op campaign.

In order to improve and accelerate the continued development of live services, and to better respond to player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on the local campaign. in split screen.

This will undoubtedly be a big disappointment for some, especially those who prefer the unique excitement that only couch co-op can provide. Still, there will be new content additions and quality of life improvements to look forward to with the winter update, and the launch of Forge will mean even more.

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