Hadrien Desuin calls on France to recognize the Moroccanness of the Sahara (Marianne)

In a context of diplomatic tension between Morocco and France, several voices have been raised within the French elite to call on their government to review relations with the Kingdom. This is the case of the specialist in international issues, Hadrien Desuin, who, in a post published in the weekly magazine “Marianne”, underlined the geopolitical importance of Morocco as the only credible partner of France, in the Maghreb. Reason for which he pleaded so that his country recognizes the Moroccanity of the Sahara.

“Between an Algeria with an anti-French government and Morocco, which is only waiting for a signal from us in the Sahara so that France can shine again in Africa, there is no longer any hesitation,” he said. he writes on the columns of the magazine, whose editorial line is known to be on the left.

The author of “Atlantic France” considered that the rapprochement of France with Algeria remains useless given the attachment of the Algerian regime to the memory rent. “Alas, the last presidential visit to Algeria has made people aware that the wounds of history have not yet healed”, he regretted, adding that “the memorial income and the clientele of the junta in power since the end of the war in Algeria will be able to continue”.

According to Hadrien Desuin, “the efforts of France and Morocco to develop their neighborhood with Algeria have remained sterile. An observation that he has led to ask himself “why persist in an impossible reconciliation?”. For him, the answer is clear: France must make its choice and turn more towards the Kingdom. In the eyes of the author, there is no better way to do this than to support Moroccan territorial integrity, as the made the United States, knowing that HM the King made it known that “the Sahara issue is “the prism through which Morocco considers its international environment”.

“The security issues in West Africa are pressing and require a rapid response. To circumvent the Algerian lock, Morocco offers an alternative if France would recognize its historic role in the Sahara”, decided the specialist, convinced that the Franco-Moroccan partnership is stronger than with Algeria. “Our Franco-Moroccan economic exchanges clearly surpass those which link us to Algeria despite our gas dependence”, he clarified.

According to the specialist, the alliance with Morocco is all the more beneficial for France as it allows it to rely on the Kingdom to deploy its influence in Africa and fight more effectively against religious fundamentalism.


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