Goa International Airport completes navigation performance procedure for runway approaches

GMR Goa International Airport Limited (GGIAL) said on Monday it had completed the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure for the two approaches – 10 and 28 – to the new runway at the future New Goa International Airport. According to a press release published here by GGIAL, a subsidiary of GMR Airports Limited (GAL), an Indigo Airlines Airbus 320 aircraft equipped with RNP hardware tested and validated RNP for accuracy and ease of flight.

“RNP is a family of navigation specifications within the framework of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), which enables the operation of aircraft along a precise flight path with a high level of accuracy and the ability to determine the position of the aircraft with accuracy and integrity,” the press release read. The company said adding the RNP radius to set arrivals, approaches and departures increases airspace capacity by shortening approach and departure paths.

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GGIAL Managing Director RV Sheshan said that today we have successfully completed the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure at the future New Goa International Airport. The RNP procedure ensures integrity and accuracy and helps an aircraft follow specific paths through on-board equipment. “This procedure not only provides safety benefits through its precision and accuracy, but also improves operational efficiency by minimizing multiple descents, inaccurate circling, etc.

Sheshan said that as an airport operator, GGIAL is striving to make the new Goa International Airport the airport of choice for airlines, passengers and all stakeholders, unlocking the true potential of Goa.

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