French-speaking African journalists trained on the implementation of the ZLECAf

The African Trade Policy Center (ATPC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), organized from 07 to 09 September in Dakar in collaboration with the European Union, a training workshop for the benefit of journalists French-speaking Africans on the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAf).

This three-day training aims to explore and identify new aspects under which development projects and issues relating to the Zlecaf are addressed and also to offer them opportunities for exchange and sharing. of experiences.

It is also about deepening participants’ understanding and appreciation of the role of the AfCFTA in stimulating economic growth, sharpening their knowledge and skills in reporting on the AfCFTA and its impacts at the local level. , to provide them with knowledge for the creation of quality content on trade and development issues relating to the AfCFTA.

The training themes focused on “the partnership for awareness raising and the implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area in Africa (Zlecaf), the genesis of Zlecaf, its implementation, its evolution, as well as its impact on national economies and the identified or potential obstacles that hinder its implementation.

“This workshop aims to improve the knowledge of French-speaking African journalists on the ZLECAf, to allow them to familiarize themselves with our knowledge products and our support for our Member States in the implementation of this agreement and finally to make available to participants a tool allowing them to have good information in real time to better communicate on the ZLECAf”, indicated, on this occasion, the principal adviser of the APC, Adeyinka Adeyem, whose remarks were relayed by the media.

“Zlecaf has the potential to generate a range of benefits by supporting trade creation, structural transformation, productive employment and poverty reduction,” he added. The role of “strategic” and “targeted” communication, which should help remove obstacles to action, was also highlighted. This by using products and knowledge that the ECA makes available, including ARIA X, a communication tool providing reliable information on Zlecaf.

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“It is a tool that makes it possible to identify the different sources of articles and to detect publications that are disinformation (voluntary) and misinformation (involuntary)”, explained Adéyinka Adéyèm, noting that the use of this tool will have the advantage for journalists of having to process correct and reliable information.

During this training, eminent specialists in communication, journalism and human development presented themes relating, among other things, to the challenges of stimulating economic growth in media productions, the state of implementation Zlecaf, the Joint EIF-ECA-IFC Project in support of Zlecaf in West Africa, and the challenges of communication on Zlecaf, data integrity, misinformation, misinformation and clarification.

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