France’s little game to put pressure on Morocco

Execrable relations between Morocco and France and the resentment of the latter’s executive towards the Kingdom, these are leaked notes from the General Directorate of External Security (DGSE) to President Macron who illustrate it best.

A first intelligence report bearing the number RF/PM/21/22, emanating from the director of intelligence of the DGSE, Bernard Emie* to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron dated 14/11/2021 and of which Hespress has become aware through his reading, translates this political situation which continues to worsen and which is crescendoing the relations between our two countries.

“Mr. President”, it says in this first report – “en response to your request for a survey of geostrategic data and diplomatic and economic developments between the French Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco, we can tell you that we have become in an unenviable position and have become the big losers of recent developments in the Kingdom of Morocco which began with a ten-year military agreement which serves as a roadmap in the field of military and defense cooperation“.

Then there is this again, among others:Other cross-border threats with the Moroccans and us, the French, have no longer become essential in this context. The American recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara has encouraged Morocco to harden its positions against us, and Rabat asks us to fully engage in the new dynamic that it has put into the evaluation of its foreign policy. This has weakened our positions in the kingdom claiming many privileges that we used to obtain smoothly and spontaneously, in order to put pressure on Rabat. Also to preserve our various achievements, we ask you to give urgent orders to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reduce the number of visas granted to Moroccans, as well as to tighten as much as possible the conditions for granting these visas.“.

In a second intelligence report of the same ilk bearing the number RF/PM/22/23 and dated 07/05/2022, it is said that, “Mr. President, the situation has become very complicated for our interests in the Kingdom of Morocco. In this respect, the United States of America are no longer the only competitors, because Spain, by changing its position and publicly supporting for the first time the Moroccan proposal to grant autonomy to Western Sahara, gives Madrid of the full cooperation of Rabat in the management of migratory flows. Spain knowing in this and from a previous experience that when relations with Morocco are good, the arrival of migrants is considerably reduced. A position that guarantees that Madrid will not claim the occupied cities of Sebta and Melilla. This gives Spain an economic and security priority with Rabat. We then come in fourth place after the United States, Israel and Spain in international relations with the Kingdom of Morocco.“.

The report continues by drawing up an acknowledgment of failure that harms French interests on the African continent, “Mr. President, the role of Morocco continues to increase both economically and in terms of investment in West Africa. Moroccan companies and banks have become fiercer in their competitiveness of our economic institutions than others, and have gained strength after American and Israeli capital came into play.“. And to touch on another aspect, that of cooperation in terms of “military intelligence between Morocco on the one hand and the United States of America and Israel on the other hand is intolerable and our interests with a traditional ally have entered the red zone“. And the DGSE to recommend to Mr. President, to put even more pressure, because the fact of having reduced the number of visas granted to Moroccans has not given the expected results, “This is why we ask you to accept the second line, which consists of a set of measures intended to put pressure on Rabat in order to remain in the forefront and preserve the interests of the French Republic, which are the symbols of the Kingdom..

– Exposing the bank accounts and projects of many officials, which will create popular pressure on authority.

– Publish scandalous videos of certain influential personalities of Moroccan society on the soil of our country, which have been recorded by our devices.

– Give the green light to justice to follow many Moroccan officials

– Disrupt the progress of Moroccan projects in Africa.

– Work so as not to change many large countries, especially European ones, in their positions vis-à-vis the Western Sahara file.

– Publication of black reports on human rights and the humanitarian aspect in Morocco in major international newspapers.

Strangely, there is to conclude this wink, probably inserted by an influential Algerian mole within the DGSE “In Algeria, we are being asked for a historic reconciliation in exchange for recovering our economic and political influence, and this cannot be ignored, because we cannot waste this historic opportunity.”.

*DGSE (since June 2017), Ambassador to Algeria (Sept 2014-June 2017), former French Ambassador to the United Kingdom (2011-2014).

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