France: the Kokoroko group opens the Jazz festival at La Villette

Lots of soul and lots of funk… This is how the English jazz group Kokoroko defines their music. The collective had the honor of playing at the opening of the Jazz à la Villette festival which is currently being held in Paris.

The members of the group have Afro-Caribbean roots and the many musical influences that feed their music make it unclassifiable.

“Actually, I would say we’ve never really played what people call jazz. I think we fall into that category because it’s improvised music and there are live instruments. But if you’re a jazz purist and you come to see us, you’ll probably be mad,” said band member Onome Edgeworth.

The collective has 8 members, all from London. A cosmopolitan city, just like their creations.

“Onome and I were in Kenya and we listened to a lot of music. And in particular, we listened to afrobeat and highlife and we talked about the London scene saying that we just needed something, a group of young, young black people playing the same music and carrying on the legacy,” said singer Sheila Maurice-Grey.

Their highly anticipated debut album was released in August…Before its release, the band’s music delighted music lovers on streaming apps with over 47 million streams. As for the title of the album “Could we be more”, it was unanimous among the members of the group, despite their different personalities and influences.

The spectators present at the festival were able to discover or rediscover these young musicians, from the new English jazz scene.

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