France services: public services near you!

France services, what is it?

The establishment of the France services network echoes the Government’s desire to bring public services closer to users.

Led by the Ministry of Territorial cohesion and relations with local authorities through theNational Agency for Territorial Cohesionthe network of structures labeled “France services” is made up of 2,379 one-stop shops of proximity bringing together several administrations on their sites.

Health, family, retirement, law, housing, tax, job search, digital support: less than 30 minutes from your home, France services agents welcome you and support you for all your daily administrative procedures within a one-stop shop.

The objective is to offer a wider range of services to the public, as close as possible to the territories, in particular in rural areas and priority neighborhoods for city policy.

France services: for which services?

Administrative procedures related to the tax situation, health, family, retirement or employment… The France services spaces allow users to access a range of day-to-day services. In each France service, it is possible to request the services of the State or of partners of State :

Beyond this base of guaranteed services, local authorities can deploy additional service offers. New partnerships are planned by the State to continuously enrich the service offer.

France services: for which procedures?

France services agents are trained to provide responses adapted to each individual situation. They deliver a diversified range of services in the field of services mentioned above :

  • first-level information (answers to questions, support for day-to-day administrative procedures such as income declaration, management of withholding tax, renewal of identity papers, driving license and car registration document, etc. )
  • a digital support to promote learning and develop its uses (creation of an e-mail address, printing or scanning of documents necessary for the constitution of administrative files, etc.)
  • assistance with online procedures (browsing on operator sites, simulation of benefits, requesting documents online, etc.)
  • advisory services for the resolution of complex cases by relying on a correspondent within the partner networks.

Examples of accompaniments offered:

  • I declare my income
  • I establish my driver’s license or my identity card
  • I am applying for assistance (housing allowance, RSA)
  • I am looking for a job
  • I am trying to reimburse my care
  • I’m preparing for my retirement
  • I am facing a dispute or conflict
  • I am expecting a child.

How to find a France services house near you?

France services is the return of public service to the heart of the territories. Whether you need advice on your administrative procedures or need help using a digital service, you can go to a France services center.

In January 2022, 2,378 France services have opened in mainland France and overseas territories. The network will ramp up until 2022, primarily targeting areas that are particularly remote from public service. By 2022, each user will be able to find a France services house less than 30 minutes from their home. France services buses also crisscross the departments to get closer to users.

To find the France services closest to you, you can consult the cartography of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. You can search by entering the name of your municipality or its postal code.

Consult the France services map

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