Forbes report: PSG among the most powerful clubs

According to Forbes magazine, PSG is experiencing the strongest growth in values ​​of the TOP 10 of world football according to Forbes.

It is not only on the ground that Paris is making progress. Outside also, the club of the capital knows a significant development. Economically, it continues its ascent to the heights. It is even the sports franchise that stands out the most in this area.

A value up 28% over the season

Forbes magazine unveiled its ranking of the most powerful sports teams on Friday. And in the top 10 football teams, it is therefore the French champions who establish the best leap forward.

According to this source, the value of Paris Saint-Germain has increased by 28% in the 2021/2022 season, which represents the fastest growth among the 10 biggest clubs in world football. The magazine points out that the value of the Paris Saint-Germain brand has increased by almost 300% in 5 years, the highest growth among all the football clubs studied.

Where does PSG stand compared to its competitors?

For the second consecutive year, Paris Saint-Germain is in the Top 50 most valuable franchises in world sport, and has established itself as the 7th most valuable in football. The famous American magazine values ​​the Club’s brand at 3.2 billion dollars. Paris Saint-Germain remains the only French reference in the Forbes ranking.

Note that last week, the community of Paris Saint-Germain fans on TikTok crossed the symbolic bar of 30 million subscribers, making Paris Saint-Germain the most followed football club on the platform.


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