for Microsoft, the new taskbar is a real headache

Windows 11 introduced a new taskbar, completely redesigned compared to that of Windows 10. Microsoft is trying to modify it slightly for the next big update of the OS, but it is a real headache. The last addition concerns the hidden menu.

Windows 11 has brought its share of new features. Among them, a new taskbar. Centered, transparent, clearer, it changes drastically compared to the old version. However, Microsoft would like to add features, but it’s a real headache.

The next October update is expected to bring changes to this bar, such as adding the drag and drop mode that users have been asking for since the release of Windows 11. But not everything is so simple, since such a thing sacrifices other functionality and creates bugs. While drag and drop had appeared in a previous build, it was deleted in the new. The Redmond firm, however, indicated that this option would make a comeback once the bugs are fixed.

The taskbar should fit both PCs and tablets

In the latest versions dedicated to Insiders, a lot of work has been done on the hidden icons, which can be found in the drop-down menu on the right. The windows that appear when the mouse is over them are now in line with the design of Windows, whereas currently they are just classic white pop-ups.

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It is also possible disable this hidden menu in the settings. By doing this, we only have the basic icons, such as Wifi, sound and time. Small changes that conflicted with the famous drag and drop mode. Microsoft must now find a way to integrate these two changes without creating interface problems.

Credits: Windows Latest

We remind you that Windows 11 must adapt to PCs as well as tablets. These display the OS via the same interface, and the taskbar must be usable both with the mouse and with the fingers. A real challenge that poses many concerns for the Redmond firm, which surely did not expect such a headache. Change one tiny thing and everything is turned upside down.

The big Windows 11 update should arrive in October for the general public and will bring its share of innovation.

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