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Several months before its launch, the OnePlus 11 Pro already reveals part of its design through a very credible leak.

OnePlus 11 Pro // Source: Onleaks x SmartPrix

Welcome to 2023! While Halloween hasn’t passed yet and we have yet to discover a large number of devices for 2022, some already have their sights set on next year. This is the case of the famous Onleaks which provides a first glimpse of what the OnePlus 11 Pro could look like. And with its history, there is every reason to believe it.

An expected return

After a OnePlus 10T which managed to please us without totally convincing us because of its too generic character, the OnePlus 11 Pro seems to want to go back to basics. It is in any case what one can think with the return visible on these images of theAlert Slider, the small button to change the ring profile (ring / silent / vibrate). As a reminder, it had been evaded on the OnePlus 10T for leave more room for the battery and the cooling system.

Regarding the design itself, we note especially the change in the cameras. First of all, the front camera which returns to lodge in the upper left corner of the screen while it was centered on the OnePlus 10T. It’s more discreet, but often gives the impression of an off-center look during selfies.

Then, the rear photo block seems to want to mix two different designs. The three lenses and the flash are enclosed in a circle, like on the OnePlus 7Tbut this in turn is included in a larger area that blends into the edge, taking up the design idea launched by Samsung on the Galaxy S21.

The return of Hasselblad?

On the visuals shared by SmartPrix and Onleaks, we can see the mention “Hasselbladon the camera. Once again, the partnership with the Swedish camera specialist was not part of the OnePlus 10T. Hope Liu explained that she wanted to limit the cost of the phone. On our side, it had been indicated to Frandroid that the partnership with OnePlus was over, leaving Oppo the only signatory of this contract.

This mention is nevertheless aesthetic and we know that Onleaks often draws its sources from 3D files intended for props. It is therefore possible that these aesthetic elements (color, mentions, etc.) differ from the actual model. And all the more so since the release is not planned for at least six months.

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