Fight against terrorism and the effects of climate change, priorities of the African continent

AA/Ouagadougou/ Dramane Traoré

The fight against terrorism on the one hand and against the harmful effects of climate change on the other hand, is high on the rank of priorities as their impact is harmful on the other development sectors of the African Continent, said Friday, Moussa FAKI Mahamat , President of the African Union Commission.

Moussa Faki Mahamat who spoke this Friday, in a message on the occasion of African Union Day, stressed that from the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to the African Union (AU) , “rupture and continuity go hand in hand in a relationship of efficient complementarity built to match the new ambitions of the African continent”.

This is a “break in shifting the center of gravity of our wills to strategic objectives linked to our determination to accelerate the process of regional integration”, he said.

The President of the African Union Commission explained that this orientation has been translated through the design and execution of flagship projects covering all areas of human activity, including infrastructure, air transport, digitization , industrialization, energy, education and scientific research, university education, agriculture, health, etc.

Added to this is the inclusion of women and young people in the development process and more broadly in the management of public affairs, which for the African Union is “more than a wish, a requirement”.

“All these sectors have been covered by the development of continental strategies articulated in a coherent and dynamic whole labeled Agenda 2063”, he said.

Taking stock of the organization’s achievements, he cited, among other things, the integration of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) into the structures of the AU, the granting of the status of specialized agencies of the AU to the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and many others, the African Medicines Agency, the African Humanitarian Agency, progress in mainstreaming efforts in the level of Regional Economic Communities etc.

Moussa FAKI Mahamat maintained that the fight against terrorism on the one hand and against the harmful effects of climate change on the other hand, is high on the rank of priorities as their impact on the other development sectors of the Continent is harmful.

Under the shortcomings noted in the development of projects on the continent, he noted the partitioning of the continent due, at least in part, to low mobility of people, goods and services between the Member States of the Union, and the low agricultural production capacity and energy insecurity.

“It is in the wake of this observation that the second decade of implementation of Agenda 2063, which starts in 2023, will unfold and will be articulated around three central objectives: ensuring greater physical connectivity of the continent through the construction of roads and other communication infrastructures, put in place the conditions for sufficient internal agricultural production to reduce food imports and acquire the technical capacities to make a success of the energy transition”, he said. -he reveals.

The Chairperson of the African Commission concluded by launching an appeal for the mobilization of all resources, intellectual, financial and material, in order to achieve this triple objective constitutes a collective challenge.

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