FIFA Days – Congo: Paul Put’s list for the internship in Morocco

The coach of Congo has made public the list of the Red Devils for the internship in Morocco, entering the framework of the next FIFA days this month of September. Paul Put presented a list of 26 players at a press conference this Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at the headquarters of the Congolese Football Federation.

In the list published by Paul Put, the regular players of the selection are summoned. From Thievy Bifouma to Beni Makouana via Pavelh Ndzila or Gaius Makouta, all have received their invitations. However, new players will also experience the selection for the first time. Marly Prince Koubassanath from KF Trepça in Kosovo, Partizani midfielder Chandrel Massanga, Gabriel Charpentier, Kévin Monzialo and Bryan Passi are called up for the first time. On the other hand, Paul Put did without Fernand Mayembo, Ryan Bidounga, Prince Ibara and Bradley Mazikou who have health concerns.

The players summoned are expected from September 17 for a preparatory course for the FIFA days. They play matches against Madagascar and Mauritania respectively on September 24 and 27 in Rabat, Morocco.


1- Pavhel Ndzila (AS Otoho)
2- Giscard Mavoungou (Black Devils)
3- Christoffer Mafoumbi (FC Differdange 03 – D1 Luxembourg)
4- Prince Koussabanath (KF Trepka – D1 Kosovo)

5- Ravy Tsouka (Zulte Waregem – D1 Belgium)
6- Nolan Mbemba (Havre – D2 France)
7- Marvin Baudry (Laval – D2 France)
8- Messiah Biatoumoussoka (Botev Vratsa – D1 Bulgaria)
9- Fred Dembi (Red Star – D3 France)
10- Hernest Malonga (Black Devils)
11- Raddy Ovouka (New Mexico City – D2 USA)
12- Bryan Passi (Niort – D2 France)

13- Durel Avounou (Umraniyespor – D1 Turkey)
14- Gaius Makouta (Boasvita – D1 Portugal)
15- Antoine Makoumbou (Cagliari – D2 Italy)
16- Harvy Ossete (FC Lupopo – DRC)
17- Dylan Saint Louis (Hatalyaspor – D1 Turkey)
18- Chandrel Massanga (Partizan Tiran – D1 Albania)

19- Prestige Mboungou (Ajman – D1 WATER)
20- Beni Makouana (Montpellier – D1 France)
21- Bevic Moussiti (Ajaccio – D1 France)
22- Guy Mbenza (Al Tai – D1 Saudi Arabia)
23- Warren Tchimbembe (EA Guingamp – D2 France)
24- Kevin Monzialo (Saint Poltan – Austria)
25- Yann Mabella (Virton – D2 Belgium)
26- Thievy Bifouma (Without Club)


27- Francis Nzaba (Basakesir – D1 Turkey)
28- Rozan Varel (AS Vita – DRC)
29- Louis Fauriel (Akritas Chorakas – Cyprus)
30 Prince Obongo (Black Devils)

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