Fez supporters raise giant Tifo to defend Morocco’s territorial integrity

The defense of Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over the Sahara is a national cause of the Moroccan people, including football fans. Supporters of MAS Fez set an example by drawing a giant tifo to express their attachment to the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

“The Sahara is our home,” shows a giant tifo made up of thousands of placards held up by MAS Fez football fans who also drew the full map of Morocco and the green star of the Moroccan flag. Underneath, they pinned a huge sign quoting King Mohammed VI saying that the Sahara issue is “the benchmark by which my country measures the sincerity of friendships and the effectiveness of partnerships”.

The tifo was raised as Morocco makes inroads in support of its position on the Sahara issue and amid stabs in the back from neighboring Algeria and its new vassal state, Tunisia.

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Beyond the artistic dimensions exhibited by the fans of MAS Fez and their diligence, the Tifo sends a clear message to opponents of the territorial integrity of Morocco. It shows that the Sahara and the territorial integrity of Morocco are a cause of the people as a whole and that any attack on Morocco’s sovereignty over one of its territories is an offense and a provocation of the Moroccan people.

As world powers join a wave of support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara territory, Tunisia has chosen to swim against the tide and decided to offer a presidential welcome to the head of the separatist entity Polisario last month, a decision that angered Rabat, which recalled its ambassador to Tunis.

Football fans in Morocco have often transformed stadiums into podiums to express points of view that transcend the football field. For example, Raja Casablanca fans often launched slogans calling for better living conditions.

Beyond the message, Moroccan football fans in various cities often turn stadiums into works of art displaying artistic and organizational skills with impressive tifos that reflect passion for football and for their teams.

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