Exclusive. A fund of 3 million US dollars created by the Algerian diplomacy to finance lobbying actions against Morocco in Africa

The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created in the greatest discretion a new fund whose main mission is to finance various lobbying actions in sub-Saharan Africa. Lobbying actions which have the declared objective of thwarting “the Moroccan lobby and its expansionist project in Africa”, we were able to confirm during our research. This new fund has already been funded by a budget equivalent to 3 million US dollars.

With this money, the Algerian diplomacy will have to finance stays of several members of the African ruling elites in Algeria. It is a question of offering trips, scholarships or financing the organization of meetings as well as forums debating regional subjects with the instruction to privilege the agenda of Algeria and the strategic vision of Algerian diplomacy. . A vision which aims to encourage the idea of ​​the independence of Western Sahara and to implant this conviction in the minds of African leaders or African political elites.

According to our sources, the first actions of this fund will be directed towards small African states in West Africa where Algeria accuses Morocco of having established a strong lobby there in favor of its geopolitical interests. According to an Algerian diplomatic source, there is no longer any question of standing idly by in the face of the development of the Moroccan lobby’s “stranglehold” on certain African countries which can reverse the balance of power within certain bodies of the African Union.

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