Even Xiaomi markets a MagSafe battery for iPhone

MagSafe on iPhone is simple and practical. Here is a new accessory, an external battery… made by Xiaomi.

Source: Xiaomi

MagSafe external batteries are very convenient if you have a compatible iPhone. Apple offers its own solutionwheras’Anker is already to the second generation (40 euros for the first generation, 65 euros for the second). If you don’t know the concept: it’s a small external battery that incorporates MagSafe, so it’s magnetized and can be attached behind the smartphone, while charging the smartphone via Qi wireless charging.

Xiaomi has its own MagSafe battery

It’s Xiaomi’s turn to offer a MagSafe battery. And, contrary to what you might expect, it’s only compatible with iPhones. It is compatible with iPhone 12 and newer versions. The battery comes with a charging station, comparable to Anker’s solution, where you can put a smartphone with a battery and charge two devices at the same time. It includes a base, which is practical for placing it on a bedside table or desk.


Xiaomi’s battery is announced with a capacity of 5000 mAh. The maximum power when charging via USB-C cable is 20W, and nothing is mentioned regarding wireless charging. MagSafe wireless charging can reach a maximum power of 15 W, but in this specific case, it is certainly 7.5 W maximum.

At the moment, this Xiaomi accessory is sold for 30 euros (199 yuan) only in China.

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