Egyptian President Al Sissi warns that “we must not deal with armed militias”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi said on Wednesday that Arab countries must not deal with terrorist militias under any circumstances and must preserve the territorial integrity of countries. His intervention is part of a context of Arab tensions linked to the organization by Algeria of the next Summit of the Arab League.

Less than two months before the Arab League Summit organized in Algiers, the Egyptian Head of State, whose country hosts the headquarters of the regional organization, warned certain countries against several points.

“The next Arab summit in Algeria is being held at a sensitive time for the Arab nation, which is experiencing many crises, tensions and the spread of the terrorist threat”he admitted in an interview with the press.

Egypt has maintained tense relations with Algeria since the Maghreb country developed its partnership with Ethiopia in conflict with Egypt over the Nile), which prompted Algerian President Abdemadjid Tebboune to send his chief of emergency diplomacy in Cairo to invite Al Sissi.

And in anticipation of the Arab Summit to be organized in Algeria, the Egyptian President wanted to clarify certain points related to this political meeting, in particular support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States and the fight against pacts with armed militias.

“In order to be clear and focused on this point, I emphasize the inevitability of restoring a number of principles and concepts in our Arab region, the main one being adherence to the concept of a national state, the preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, and not deal in any form with terrorist organizations and armed militias”did he declare.

While he has acknowledged that this Summit will be organized at a time ” sensitive “ for the Arab countries and focused on these specific points, is that this meeting will be organized in a context of crisis between the organizing country and its direct neighbor Morocco, Algeria having severed its diplomatic relations with Morocco on funds di dispute around the Sahara.

And Morocco’s participation in this summit, which will be scrutinized, is one of the challenges of its success. In an analysis on this subject, the political scientist Mustapha Tossa indicated that this summit “Maghreb high risk” mainly comes down to the diplomatic situation of rupture between Algiers and Rabat, and this relationship between the two capitals“was at the heart of the institutional showdown of his organization and the development of his political agenda”.

As a reminder, Algeria is the main financial, diplomatic and military support of the Polisario separatist militia which acts against the territorial integrity of Morocco. This support for this armed organization crystallizes relations between the two neighbors and calls into question Algeria’s ability to federate for this meeting.

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