Economic freedom: Morocco, first in the Maghreb

Morocco is the first country that most guarantees economic freedom in the Maghreb. This is revealed by the Canadian think tank Fraser Institute in its 2022 report on “Economic freedoms in the world”. Ranked 99th in the world out of 165 countries with an average of 6.55 pts/10, Morocco is ahead of Mauritania (125th worldwide) and Tunisia (128th worldwide) respectively. Algeria, ranked 157th in the world, is only ahead of Libya, which occupies the 160th place in the world. Better still, the Kingdom is the only country in the region to obtain above-average scores in terms of indicators. Globally, Hong Kong leads with a score of 8.59 pts, followed by Singapore (8.48 points), Switzerland (8.37 points), New Zealand (8. 27 points) and Denmark (8.09 points).

To establish this annual ranking, this think tank, specializing in research and training, tries to analyze the compatibility between the policies and institutions of a country with the protection and freedom of individuals to make their own economic decisions. To do this, it is based on five indicators, namely the size of the government (its expenditure, its taxation and the size of public enterprises), the legal system and property rights (independence of justice, impartial justice, protection of property rights, integrity of the judicial system), access to a sound and stable currency (inflation, money supply, freedom to own bank accounts in foreign currencies, etc.), freedom to trade internationally (freedom of exchange, conclusion of contracts, tariffs, regulation of trade barriers, black market rates of currencies, capital movement controls) and regulation (regulation of the credit market, regulation of the labor market and regulation of business).


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