dynamic island already has its own mobile game

Arriving at the same time as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the “dynamic island” feature demonstrates how much Apple is in control of its device both in terms of hardware and software. With this option the small pill at the top of the screen becomes invisible and gives us the impression of having a screen without the slightest notch, as Steve Jobs always dreamed of.

If in fact the opening for the selfie camera as well as Face ID is still present, it is hidden by a very well thought out software feature. A few hours after the end of Apple’s presentation keynote, everyone had only this name “dynamic island” in their mouths.

dynamic island: the most that everyone remembers

A feature that delights Apple users, who are generally disappointed with the lack of new features on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. One more reason also to go directly to the iPhone 14 Pro, a product that today costs €200 more than the “classic” version of the phone.

If the functionality fascinated the journalists present in Cupertino, it also interested developers. Among them, Kriss Smolka had the idea of ​​using this small “island” to build a mobile game. Baptized “hit the island” or “strike the island” in good French, the small independent game is only in its infancy and it seems to suffer from many bugs for the moment.

A “pong” on iPhone 14 Pro

Inspired by the iconic “Pong” game, this new little mobile game uses the codes of its illustrious predecessor. The challenge is very simple, succeed in hitting a ball on the little pill at the top of the screen. For the time being Apple has not reacted to this isolated use and no one knows how the Cupertino company intends to regulate the use of the pill at the top of the screen.

In any case, other small features in this style are likely to appear in the coming weeks. The first iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be available in stores this Friday, while deliveries should arrive before the end of the week.

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