dSpace monitors the interiors of autonomous vehicles

The new 60 GHZ radar converter for the validation of in-vehicle surveillance systems will be presented at European Microwave Week, in Milan from September 25 to 30.

If the LiDAR sensors allow autonomous vehicles to analyze their environment, it is just as essential to analyze the interior of the passenger compartment, in particular from the SAE level 3 stage (stage of automation in which the vehicle takes over the monitoring of its environment). For this type of vehicle, the driver must be able to take the wheel at any time.

Radars operating at 60 GHz are most often used to monitor indoor space. To test radar sensors used for such tasks, dSpace has expanded its range of solutions in the field of radar target simulation: with the DARTS HBC-7066V, a converter now makes it possible to operate any dSpace DARTS system in the 60 GHz V band. This also applies to the DARTS system in the field. The test uses the over-the-air method which validates the entire transmission channel of the sensor. The converters can be used directly in the vehicle.

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