Disney Speedstorm, Disney’s free-to-play Mario Kart-Like, shows off its gameplay

Disney and Gameloft unveil a gameplay video of Disney Speedstorm, enough to make Disney and Mario Kart fans salivate. Unfortunately, no release date yet.

Disney has big, very big ambitions for video games. This involves establishing partnerships with big names. And the American firm intends to reach as many people as possible with its licenses by ensuring a presence on all platforms, including mobile. After Disney Dreamlight ValleyGameloft took advantage of the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23 to reveal some details of the highly anticipated Mario Kart-Like disney speedstorm.

Disney and Gameloft unveil a gameplay video of Disney Speedstorm

The existence of disney speedstorm is known then some time now. This Mario Kart-Like Way disneyfree-to-play, had been unveiled in good and due form during the Nintendo Direct of last February. Since then, some of his characters and circuits have shown themselves. But during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase at D23, fans were able to experience, not all the details of the game, but an action-packed video.

Enough to make Disney and Mario Kart fans salivate

The trailer in question, below, stars Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Jack Sparrow and Sully from Monsters Inc. Each of them has a kart corresponding to his personality and/or his universe. Thus, Mulan can attack enemies with the dragon-shaped weapon she uses against the Huns in the cartoon. Jack Sparrow, meanwhile, wields a sword-shaped gear stick. And these merry men compete on a circuit in the universe of Monsters and Cie. Really enticing. Unfortunately, no release date, Disney and Gameloft are content with a “coming soon” (“soon”).

Unfortunately, no release date yet

Gameloft is a very busy studio. A few days ago he was launching another Disney game, Disney Dreamlight Valleyvery similar to Animal Crossing. And the least we can say is that the game should be a great success, the day after its release in early access, it took first place in Steam sales. If Disney Speedstorm meets similar success, this cooperation between Disney and Gameloft should be very fruitful and other games should see the light of day. Why not a Mario Party-Like in the Disney universe? Everything is possible.

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