Cransac. The photo as a support for acrylic painting by Myriam Montamat

“I have always been passionate about painting, but work obliges me to put this passion “in sleep” for many years, until about fifteen years ago, I discovered the club. of painting in Druelle where I live, and my passion has caught up with me” recently began in Cransac, Salle de l’Envol, Myriam Montanat, an amateur painter who exhibits around thirty of her works at l’Envol, until the beginning of October .

Is this the first time that you submit your work to the eyes of visitors?

“I have done collective exhibitions, like in Goutrens where I won the public prize, and I have “canvases” which can be seen in several shops in the greater Rodez area. On the other hand, this is the first time that I exhibit as many paintings”.

How do you reconcile your professional career and your passion for pictorial art?

“When you want, you can. This being the case, I made great human discoveries at the painting club in which I got involved, and that is perhaps what motivates me to paint, even if my profession is a nurse. , takes priority”.

Do you use different techniques?

“I always had a good pencil stroke and I always favored the knife technique, with a lot of material and only in acrylic, as you can see in my paintings, on which I let my inspiration, even if I rely on my trips and my stays abroad”.

Precisely, some of them have a particular aspect?

“One of my neighbors Loïc Bringou is passionate about photography, and he asked me to combine our two passions on the canvas.

A conclusive essay because I partly use his photos, which I sometimes cut squarely but also which I often tear “methodically”. Then, relying on the photo part, I invent a new decor by giving it more depth. Example with the cathedral of Rodez, which soars towards the sky in a heritage desert”.

It’s particular and surprising, but the whole of the exhibition-sale, from 60 to 270 €, is worth the detour via l’Envol.

Contact : [email protected] or 06 88 87 61 93.

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