Crack. We are waiting for you tonight at the park to see “Rouge”

The mayor and the entire municipal council invite you to meet the plastic artist Caroline Delannoy, this friday september 2, at 19 ‘o clock. She will present her exhibition to you with works that she will have produced with the children of the leisure center and the children of the school within the framework of the “Rouge” project. His exhibition will be located in the park and under the school courtyard. An aperitif offered by the municipality will be offered during this evening.

“Red”, act IV

“Rouge” is an installation around the work of Caroline Delannoy, nomadic visual artist and scenographer. His artistic approach reveals a sensitive world allowing several readings, between art brut and environmental art. A fragmented work in four places and four months following a tourist and cultural route in the heart of Lauragais. Whether she creates sculptures, totems, sound installations, performances, calligraphic paintings, exploratory videos, in the profusion of materials and symbols, everywhere Caroline Delannoy invokes the body. She builds nests, cabins, cocoons, footbridges, challenges bodies in their deployment, opens up suspended, inverted, fractured, recomposed spaces. “Rouge” closes a journey of about ten years, of intimate exploration in an organic universe which questions the body and its folds, its absence, its trace, its metamorphosis, and summons its infinite and sensitive ramifications.

Guest artist, Louve dans les étoiles is an instinctive and demanding photographer. She is primarily interested in the relationship of human beings to nature. His images are often nourished by dreamlike visions, tinged with surrealism, sometimes borrowing from the textures of painting. She thus develops an organic relationship to them by exploring superimpositions, fragmentation, composition. His artistic universe is enriched with texts imbued with lyricism and eroticism. For the Rouge project, she presents an organic photographic series in resonance with Caroline Delannoy’s installation and the installation “Nichoir – Past, Present, Future”, an allegory of our relationship to the living.

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