Closing in Johannesburg of the 11th Conference of Speakers of African National and Regional Parliaments

During this conference, which was held on the sidelines of the August sessions of the Standing Committees of the PAP (August 22 – September 02), the Kingdom was represented by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Rachid Talbi Alami.

In an address on this occasion, Mr. Alami said that Africa needs a strong parliament with the necessary mechanisms to enable it to respond to the concerns and expectations of the African people.

“The PAP can become one of the most successful regional legislative institutions in the world if it has the necessary means to carry out its missions”, he stressed, noting that this African institution needs a framework adequate regulation.

Noting that the PAP is a space for innovation, commitment, exchange and sharing of ideas, Mr. Alami stressed the need to revise its rules and procedures in order to strengthen its capacities and make it a result-oriented institution.

For his part, the President of PAP, Fortune Charumbira, stressed the importance of this annual conference which brings together the Speakers of Parliaments from different regions of Africa, noting that their remarks and recommendations have been of great contribution to improving the work of the Pan-African Parliament.

In addition, the official who was elected last June at the head of this African institution, affirmed that the Afro-deputies have a noble mission which consists in representing African citizens and contributing to the improvement of their living conditions.

The Conference of Speakers of African National and Regional Parliaments was organized within the framework of the Sixth Term of Parliament under the theme of the African Union (AU) for 2022: “Building Nutrition Resilience on the African Continent: Accelerating human, social and economic development”.

The program of this two-day conference was marked by a series of meetings on topics related in particular to the role of African MPs in the ratification of the Malabo Protocol on the PAP, adopted in June 2014, as well as economic recovery strategies. post Covid-19.

Over the past decade, the PAP has institutionalized this conclave as a bilateral platform for promoting the ratification, domestication and implementation of AU legal and policy instruments relating to shared values. human rights, democracy, peace and security, good governance, constitutionalism and the rule of law.

Furthermore, the conference provides a space for coordination and harmonization between the legal and policy frameworks of AU national and regional parliaments and for sharing parliamentary best practices, in order to support and advance African economic integration.

The 10th Conference of Presidents, held in August 2019, looked at the dialectical link between the challenge of forced migration in Africa and the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAf).


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