China threatens pro-Taiwan ‘separatists’

China promised on August 10 to leave “no leeway” to supporters of Taiwan independence, stressing that “the use of force” to reconquer the island remained on the table “as a last resort”.

This new warning comes after extensive Chinese military exercises carried out in recent days around the island, in response to the visit to Taipei of the American number three Nancy Pelosi.

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The visit of the speaker of the House of Representatives was seen by China as a provocation, the United States having pledged to have no official relationship with the island territory claimed by China.

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The Taiwan Affairs Bureau issued a ” White Book “ detailing how Beijing plans to take over the island, including through economic incentives. “We are willing to create a wide space (of cooperation) in order to achieve peaceful reunification”said the document, in the form of an outstretched hand to the Taiwanese.

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“But we will leave no leeway for separatist actions aimed at the pseudo-independence of Taiwan, in any form whatsoever. »

China considers Taiwan, with a population of around 23 million, to be one of its provinces, which it has yet to successfully reunify with the rest of its territory since the end of the Chinese Civil War ( 1949).

Some young Taiwanese, especially in recent years, are beginning to develop an identity different from that of mainland China. A phenomenon encouraged by the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP, pro-independence) of Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, who came to power in 2016.

Unlike the previous government, Tsai Ing-wen refuses to see Taiwan and mainland China as part of a “One China”. A position that has greatly degraded relations with Beijing.

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Despite the tense context of recent days, a Taiwanese opposition politician, Andrew Hsia Li-yan, traveled to mainland China on August 10 to meet entrepreneurs and students from the island.

High diplomat, ex-boss of the Taiwanese body in charge of questions relating to mainland China, Hsia Li-yan is vice-president of the Kuomintang (KMT), the other major Taiwanese party, which is anti-independence and in favor of relations pragmatic with Beijing.

“Not only is the timing bad” but “In addition, it is an offense against our army, which spares no effort to protect our country”denounced on Facebook the Taiwanese presidential party.

China considers “separatist” the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP, pro-independence) of Tsai Ing-wenbut also anyone publicly campaigning for independence or for the dilution of the Chinese identity of Taiwanese.

For her part, leader Tsai Ing-wen visited the Air Force command on July 11 to listen to a report on the military situation. She said the Chinese military threat remains significant and Taiwan is not seeking to escalate or cause disputes, but is committed to defending its sovereignty and national security.

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