Chelsea chairman dreams of an All-Star Game

Chelsea’s new president, American Todd Boehly, put forward on Tuesday the idea of ​​a match bringing together the best players in the Premier League which would oppose a team from the north and a team from the south of England, like the “All-Star-Gameof American sports. “We believe that one could easily organize an ‘All-Star Game’ pitting a team from the North against one from the South and this could benefit the whole of the Premier League financially.Boehly explained at a forum organized in New York by the SALT organization.

Boehly, who co-owns the Blues and also has shares in the Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball) and Lakers (basketball), said he has already pitched the idea to his Premier League counterparts. “People want more money for the whole English football pyramid. During the MLB All-Star Game this year, we made 200 million dollars (200 million euros) with just a Monday and a TuesdayBoehly boasted. In the United States, Major League Baseball and the NBA, which governs basketball, both organize All-Star Games highlighting the best players from their respective teams or conferences.


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