Charlize Theron shares her beauty secrets as she approaches 50

At 47, we can say that Charlize Theron doesn’t really seem to be going through the pangs of age. However, the actress is rather minimalist in terms of her beauty routine, especially since her two daughters do not leave her a free minute. Fortunately, they happen to take care of them all together!

“I’m raising two daughters as a single mother so I don’t have much time. And to be honest, when I have free time, it’s not to dedicate it to beauty treatments. It’s going to be, what Netflix series can I devour? What book can I read? But the thing is, I have two daughters who like to look pretty,” the star of Fury Road at vogue. “The youngest will always offer to make a night mask – we put the masks on and she manages that. It’s really his thing. There’s a lot of, “can I put makeup on you?”, or, “can I put cream on your feet?” She loves beauty products and she always steals mine. »

This small act that changes everything

But even if she doesn’t devote a lot of time to her beauty routine, Charlize Theron still has a little secret to preserve her skin: never go out without Solar cream. “I always, always wear sunscreen. I don’t go out without it, no matter what. Even if it’s gray, I always put on sunscreen, ”she repeated, before emphasizing the importance that perfume had for her. “The thing I love the most about perfume is that it’s the smallest act you can do for yourself, but it has gigantic effects. I find that the scent boosts the mood. It’s just so easy and I take full advantage of it. »

However, Charlize Theron was careful not to reveal her favorite fragrance. It must be said that she remains the muse of the I like of Dior and this, for more than 15 years!

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