Casseneuil. Public reading with “Trac47” and “Aria Corse”

The announcement of an evening with 2 theater groups renowned for their talents, delights many people in the city of 3 rivers and far beyond! 12 actors, from “Tract47” and “Aria Corse”, will be there on Saturday September 10 at 6.30 p.m. in the gardens of the media library with “They were reading” and “Our hands”, texts by Fabrice Melquiot directed by Hervé Estebeteguy/ Cie Hecho en casa. The author narrates his discovery of reading, of books, taking the audience to his childhood, to the forest, to the heart of the world… Everyone finds himself pushed to open the books which are so many open doors to Freedom “I I’m going to tell you a story, both very simple and very strange. It’s a love story. All stories are. Those that aren’t aren’t worth telling; if there isn’t no love, no reason to make a story out of it I’ll tell you how I learned to read How I learned to love reading How I learned to love reading books and how books taught me to love them” explains with gentleness and gratitude the author Fabrice Melquiot. Regular readers, and also “occasional readers”, will undoubtedly be there because an invitation of this tenor does not leave anyone indifferent. They will be there and will appreciate these confidences…

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