Camille Lellouche confides her fears about her childbirth and evokes her mysterious companion

This Thursday, September 1, Camille Lellouche made a series of Instagram stories. The singer took the opportunity to talk about her seventh month of pregnancy and slipped a note to the attention of her mysterious companion.

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Only a few more weeks until her delivery. Last May, Camille Lellouche had announced that she was pregnant with her first child, a little girl, and she is due to give birth next October. Since then, on social networks, the former candidate of The Voice regularly shares her daily life as a pregnant woman, with its joys and sometimes its complications. “You know that there is no jargon, I tell you everything, and the truth is that. I was 48 kilos and now I’m 65. I think I’m at 16/17 kilos and I’ll end up at 20 kilos”, she said, while realizing that her body was changing over the months. Wanting to preserve the anonymity of his companion, Camille Lellouche keeps him well away from the media tumult. Very in love, she had said about him: “Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more. He cleans, he tidies up, he cooks… He takes good care of me, he takes care of everything”.

Camille Lellouche admits to having “fear” a few weeks before giving birth

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This Thursday, September 1, Camille Lellouche made a series of instagram stories in which she first evokes the spots on her face. Then, in a second step, the 36-year-old artist mentioned her concerns about her childbirth, which is approaching. “Yesterday I went for the last official ultrasound. And it’s the first time that we could see a little his face, because she always hid herself. Madam has decided that she does not show her head”she explained.

“He has a very beautiful mouth”

Then, the one who shared a duet with Grand Corps Malade once again complimented his companion, saying that his future baby looked like him. “She looks a lot like dad, who is sublime. So I’m very happy because I dreamed that she had her mouth. He has a very nice mouth, well drawn, whereas I have no lips. The nose is between two. The eyes, I would say that’s me. I can not wait to see her. I’m scared… In a month… I’m scared. I play the serene girl too much when I really don’t!”, she added.

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