Bronny James still recruited, under the eyes of LeBron!

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While Bronny James will be able to land at university in a short year, many schools are trying to recruit him. Everyone is aware of the impact of their visit, so all means are good to please them. This Saturday, during an American football match, some fans even tried their luck to highlight their alma mater.

As we know, Bronny James is a young man who continues to be talked about a lot. He was recently in France where he pulled off a sensational dunk, which only escalates its hype at all levels. We don’t know yet where exactly his potential lies, and if he can shine in the NBA, but he should get his chance. The proof, and while he has not yet played his last year at Sierra Canyon, Bronny remains very courted by universities.

The recruitment of Bronny James continues!

For the time being, the interested party has not yet made his choice, but all means are good to try to recruit him next season, even in public. Indeed, Bronny and the daddy James were at Ohio State this Saturday, to admire a little American football. It was then that the fans present on the spot did not hesitate to sing a song to begin their recruitment.

“We want Bronny! »

For the moment, it is impossible to know where the young prospect will play, but he is not lacking in interest. Good news somewhere, since he will have no trouble continuing his adventure to join the NBA one day. Afterwards ? That will be another story, since the scouts will have to gauge its potential as much as possible. In the meantime, even fans are still divided on his future destination.

He’ll go to Oregon, I’m saying it right now

The recruitment campaign for Bronny James continues, and everywhere else. The young player takes his time, and rightly so, certainly advised by his dad to choose what is best for his young career. This is already good news.

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