Brendan Fraser is having a hard time with the cancellation of the film

In a recent interview, actor Brendan Fraser explained how heartbreaking the cancellation of Batgirl is for him.

For several weeks, the cancellation of Batgirl made the headlines of the international press. The clans clash around the subject. There are those who blame Warner for squandering an astronomical budget for nothing and those who praise a wise decision to avoid a shipwreck. The actors themselves have repeatedly expressed themselves on this decried choice. And it’s Brendan Fraser’s turn to speak. The latter is especially sad that the public cannot admire the performance of Leslie Grace. If we are to believe her words, the actress has done a powerful job. The actor is also convinced that the young woman will be able to quickly take her revenge and demonstrate (finally) the extent of her talent.

Batgirl: Fraser flies to the aid of Leslie Grace – Credit: Warner Bros / DC Films

Fraser, who was to play the super-villain of the project, therefore seems affected by this decision. Although his career is finally getting off to a flying start, the unforgettable interpreter of The Mummy continue to cry foul. He continues to support his partner and the creative teams of Batgirl.

Batgirl: Fraser stands up for Leslie Grace!

“Leslie Grace didn’t steal her last name. She is a very dynamic actress and she delivered a superb performance. I have rarely seen such professionalism. Soon you will be able to see the extent of his talent. And I can’t wait for that to happen. I have to take my youth as an example. She’s going to hang on but I can tell you she has nothing to prove to anyone.” explains Fraser to the press. Indeed, the choice of Grace to interpret Batgirl was no coincidence. In addition to her talent, the actress could have opened her voice to more diversity. And it is obvious that the film would have helped him explode.

But some think that the cancellation of the project is actually a good thing for the future of the actress. Whether Batgirl is the flop that is claimed, Grace could have suffered for a long time from her participation in the film. It is difficult to objectively assess the situation without having seen the feature film in its entirety. Either way, the situation is getting worse. Indeed, Warner has just canceled the DC FanDome. It’s unclear what the studio is playing at, but there still seems to be plenty of bad news.

Batgirl or not, Grace will undoubtedly have the opportunity to find a role worthy of her. But the support of his colleague is a beautiful testimony. And we secretly keep hoping, one day, to see the whole film. Even if everything now seems lost!

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