Bose announces its QuietComfort Earbuds II headphones

Bose launches a new pair of Bluetooth headphones delivering custom sound, with the added bonus of active noise reduction.

Bose specializes in wireless speakers and helmets noise reduction. It also has a large QuietComfort range, of which the 45 model was well received during the tests carried out by our Lab.

With a first generation of QuietComfort wireless headphones, it now announces the arrival of a second, more advanced model. Just a few hours later the announcement of the AirPods Pro 2it must be said that the chance of the calendar does things well.

A sound adapted to the ear of its wearer

The QuietComfort Earbuds II have been redesigned compared to their predecessors. They adopt a compact and light design since, according to Bose, they would be 30% smaller than the first version and would weigh only 6 grams per headset, against 8.5 grams for the old model.

Compact and lightweight headphones, suitable for sports.┬ęBose

In addition, the manufacturer has chosen to design its new pair of headphones so that it can intelligently propel sound according to the shape of each user’s ear. This breakthrough is enabled by CustomTune technology, which detects the shape of the ear canal using the built-in microphones.

Those who wish can also manually adjust the equalizer and therefore the level of bass, midrange and treble, from the Bose Music application.

ANC for comfort and immersion

And for immersion to be reinforced, they offer active noise reduction (ANC) with the support of four microphones. Several modes are then available, including Quiet to isolate yourself as much as possible, or Aware to be aware of your environment. In this second case, the ActiveSense technology makes it possible to suppress ambient sounds that would be too loud, while letting the voices of other people through.

Calls also benefit from the suppression of ambient noise and offer a clear and audible voice to the interlocutor.

Up to 24 hours of battery life for these Bose QuietComfort II headphones.
Up to 24 hours of battery life for these Bose QuietComfort II headphones.┬ęBose

On the connectivity side, they are compatible with Bluetooth 5.3, the latest standard in force to date, and support SBC and AAC codecs.

However, despite the high-end features of these wireless headphones, the QuietComfort Earbuds II do not support voice assistants. Commands are traditionally made through the capacitive touch buttons located on each of the earcups.

In terms of autonomy, according to Bose, they offer 6 hours of listening time and up to 24 hours with the charging case.

These headphones, IPX4 certified for their resistance to water and perspiration, will be available in Triple Black and Soapstone from September 29 at a price of 299.95 euros.

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