Between hooliganism and political message, young people lost without supervision

The Botola Pro resumed with its share of hooliganism and riots in the stadiums and outside, as seen during the matches of this weekend disputed in particular between Wydad of Casablanca and Fath Union Sports (FUS) of Rabat , the MC Oujda and the FAR of Rabat as well as the MAS of Fez and the Moghreb of Tetouan.

On the sidelines of these Botola Pro matches, the security operations carried out by the National Security services in Rabat resulted in the arrest of 81 people, including 46 minors, according to a press release from the General Directorate of National Security. (DGSN), as well as the seizure, before the match on Friday, of 35 knives and psychotropic drugs which were in the possession of the defendants, While in Oujda, the police arrested some 12 individuals, including four minors involved in acts of hooliganism, while in Fez, 32 individuals were arrested, including 11 minors.

Despite the efforts made for years to secure sports meetings and combat riots linked to sports competition, the manifestations of violence and riots in Moroccan stadiums, in particular those involving minors during matches, have returned in force to mark the return of the national championship in its new season.

On the other hand, the return of football competitions has seen supporters send many strong political messages, as seen in the magnificent tifo displayed by the Fatal Tigers, supporters of the Maghreb of Fez, on Saturday, where they wrote ” Our Sahara, Our Homeland ».

Between the strong messages expressed by the supporters and the acts of violence and sabotage which harm the image of football in Morocco, Abderrahim Bourguia, lecturer-researcher at the Institute of Sports Sciences of the Hassan I University of Settat, considered that ” this weekend saw the marketing by the Ultras and Moroccan supporters of two completely different and opposite images”.

In a statement to HespressBourguia hailed what he considered ” a creative and brilliant form that gives optimism, hope and comfort to young people who represent a large category of Moroccan society, and come from modest and simple families who do not live in luxury. But they still decided to carry out Ultras activity in a civilized and honorable way, expressing their opinion, which is the opinion of every Moroccan who loves his homeland and this land, which is the Moroccan Sahara..

The same researcher, holder of a doctoral thesis on the subject, underlined that the Fatal Tigers of Fez drew a very beautiful picture, before underlining that ” the Ultras have claimed to be aware of what is happening around them, contrary to what is broadcast by some stalkers who describe them as rioters “.

“The Ultras movement is not content to just encourage the team and defend its interests, it has gone beyond denouncing what is happening around it by defending the interests of the country and the people”he added.

Furthermore, the researcher pointed out that “ we nevertheless witnessed violent incidents from part of the public who were in Rabat after the match between FUS Rabat and Wydad “, noting that” regardless of the faction involved in its aggressions, what happened is a pure product of Moroccan society “.

The researcher was therefore not surprised by his actions ” in the light of endemic illiteracy and worsening ignorance and accompanying public policies that do not invest in building a responsible, self-confident and respectful society “.

Thus, the doctor of social sciences, specialist in Ultras, noted that “ incidents of violence are only a mirror of society, and the result of a total absence of the main actors of social education, whose role is instilled in the family, school and youth centers, as well that civil society and actors concerned by public policies in favor of youth, children and adolescents in the educational, cultural and sporting fields “.

On a rather sad tone, Pr. Abderrahim Bourguia estimated that “ given the absence of officials aware of their role in the country, there will be no radical solution to the phenomenon of violence in Morocco, and the security apparatus as well as the local authorities will remain the only ones to face this phenomenon which has been going on for years “.

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