Bernese Thomas Zurbuchen leaves his post at NASA –

After leading NASA’s science missions for more than six years, Swiss-American Thomas Zurbuchen is leaving his post, he announced on Twitter. He officially retired from office at the end of the year.

The decision was not easy, commented on the Nasa blog the native Bernese who describes his work at the American space agency as “the most important and most intense he has ever had”.

“Other leaders with big ideas”

Two reasons motivated his departure. First professionally, Thomas Zurbuchen believes that it is best for NASA. “I had the chance to implement my best ideas,” he explained, “there are no doubt other leaders with great ideas. Science is worth trying.”

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The 54-year-old scientist also believes that this change was necessary on a personal level. “I achieved the goals I set for myself,” he wrote. The goal now is to learn new skills. His wish for 2023? Spending more time with loved ones and skiing on the slopes in Utah in the United States.


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