Bandai Namco announces Synduality with a gameplay trailer, a new shooter set in a dystopian world

bandai namco is in the spotlight on this evening of State of Play. After formalizing Tekken 8 as an openingit is the turn of a new license to see the light of day. Synduality presents itself as a third-person shooter set in a dystopian future where humans and AI intertwine, and where toxic rain and deformed creatures ravage the world. We are treated to a gameplay trailer showing game sequences, interspersed with cutscenes.

Shoot and collect resources on mecha

The action of Synduality takes place in 2222, where a mysterious rain called ‘Tears of the New Moon’ decimated almost the entire human race, while giving birth to monsters devouring the last survivors. As a last resort, the humans build an underground refuge named Amasia. But by digging a little too deep, they meet an artificial intelligence, “Magus”. Thus begins a story of agreement and understanding between humans and AI, who must both survive the apocalypse.

In this joyous context, you play Drifters, a hunter of rare resources who must venture outside for her livelihood. Each mission will take place in your mecha, that you can customize to your liking, from her appearance to her weapons to define your style of play. You will also be accompanied by your AI “Magus”, with whom you can interact, discuss, when this one will not provide you with valuable advice.

Synduality screen editor 3 3

The salt of the title would reside in its PVP / PVE aspectsince you will also come across other players seeking to accomplish their mission, and who will of course be able to put you in the way.

Synduality is scheduled for 2023 without further details, and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam.

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