AS FAR struggles after draw against Nigerian Stars

AS FAR already in danger!

The Faraouis, will they miss their second attempt to return to African interclub competitions? The question is intensely asked after the poor performance on Sunday evening.
Next Sunday, against the Nigerian Stars, qualification will be difficult to negotiate. The draw (1-1) puts them in a delicate and unfavorable situation. Playing the return home complicates it even more. He jeopardizes their chances.

Feverishness, slowness and inefficiency

Sunday evening, the Military showed offensive inefficiency, weakness in creativity, slow progress and feverishness in defense against a tactically disciplined adversary, grouped together defensively, closing the intervals, leaving the game to the FAR, reacting with counterattacks and relying mainly on set plays to surprise the opponent.

Borges above the lot!

The only Faraoui to come out on top of his team’s laborious game is defender Borges, omnipresent in defense and attack to make up for the offensive deficiencies of Neffati, Khafi and company.
Borges was the goalscorer following a set piece half an hour into the game.

The loss of advantage

Failing to ensure the advance, the FAR were joined after the break, also on a set ball and yet another moment of defensive feverishness. The Nigerian striker was free.
From then on, precipitation, lack of creative lucidity, disorganization and absence of offensive solutions characterized the game of Moroccans. They increased in volume over the minutes leading up to the final whistle.

Nigerians united and disciplined defensively

The Nigerians showed defensive solidity defending themselves by pressing Neffati who was already too individual, too slow and imprecise and therefore unable to play his role as a catalyst and animator in addition to a well-managed zone defense.

The return: not… easy!

The Nigerians will be difficult to play at home. They are aware of their double advantage: playing at home with an away goal.
The Moroccans will have to reinvent themselves in return if they hope to advance to the next round. They will have to present another version of their production. That of Sunday evening was less than insufficient!


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