Apple Watch Series 3 disappears from Apple’s catalog to make way for new watches

Apple is gradually phasing out its entry-level Apple Watch to make room for its new models.

While Apple will hold, Wednesday, September 7, a new keynote to officially present its new iPhone 14 and its new range of connected watches Apple Watch Series 8the American manufacturer is cleaning up the catalog.

As reported by our colleagues on the site WatchGenerationApple has indeed removed its Apple Watch Series 3 of the Apple Store in three countries: Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia. The French site still makes it possible to acquire the connected watch the cheapest in the manufacturer’s catalog – from 219 euros – but that should not last long. We imagine that once the stocks are empty, it will no longer be possible to buy the connected watch.

It must be said that the Apple Watch Series 3 is an ancestor in the field of connected watches. The watch was indeed officially launched five years ago, on September 22, 2017. Since then, however, the watch has remained in the manufacturer’s catalog, unlike the following models, the Apple Watch Series 4, 5 Where 6. It must be said that it is an entry watch in Apple’s range of knockers, even more accessible than the Apple Watch SE of 2020.

Currently – and before the expected announcement of the next three Apple watches – the manufacturer’s site still references three watch models: Apple Watch Series 7, Apple WatchSE and Apple Watch Series 3.

Three new reinforcement watches

In fact, with Apple preparing to launch three new models – Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2022 and Apple Watch “Pro” – it therefore seems logical that the manufacturer should make some room in its catalog to clarify its range. The Apple Watch Series 3, with its Apple S3 processor, is an ideal candidate for disappearance, not only because of its age, but especially its incompatibility with the new version of watchOS, watch OS 9unveiled in early June at WWDC.

For the moment, we still do not know how the Apple range will be organized once the new watches are connected. However, we can imagine an Apple Watch SE 2020 as a first-price model, then an Apple Watch SE 2022, an Apple Watch Series 7, an Apple Watch Series 8 and finally a “Sport” version for the top of the range. We will know more on Wednesday, September 7, at the Apple conference.

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