Apple unveils battery capacity

Apple has unveiled in a certification the battery capacities of its iPhone 14 range.

The iPhone 14 uses the same chip as the iPhone 13 Pro

Like every year, Apple does not reveal the characteristics of the batteries integrated into its products. However, the firm must declare them to Chemtrec For safety reasons. So now we know the capacity of the new iPhone 14s.

It’s particularly interesting to know about it this year, because Apple has added a new model to its catalog: the iPhone 14 Plus.

What is the battery capacity of the iPhone 14?

Here are the capabilities reported to Chemtrec for the iPhone 14s.

As you can see, Apple has increased the capacity of its batteries for the smaller models, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max takes a step back compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You may be surprised not to find a capacity in mAh, as it is often expressed by Android smartphone manufacturers. The hour intensity in milliamperes hour is not enough to evaluate the capacity of a battery since it does not indicate the operating voltage. The power in watt-hour makes it possible to bridge this unknown since it takes into account both the intensity and the voltage.

It can be noted that the iPhone 14 Plus offers exactly the same volume as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It remains to be seen which smartphone will consume the most between the one equipped with an Apple A15 Bionic chip from 2021 and the other which offers an A16 Bionic chip from 2022. The screen should also offer different consumption between the Oled 10-60 Hz of the iPhone 14 Plus and the 1-120 Hz display of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with Always-On.

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