Apple launches Safari 16 on macOS Monterey and Big Sur

In addition to macOS 12.6 and its security fixes, a major Safari update is available for macOS Monterey and Big Sur users tonight. Safari 16 is indeed out with many new features, which will also be launched on macOS Ventura when it comes out next month. This new version of Apple’s browser is available in System Preferences, Software Update section.

Here are the new features of Safari 16 described directly by Apple:

Safari 16 brings you stronger security, better performance, and new features, including:
• Tab group start pages allow you to add background images and favorite pages to each tab group.
• Tab group pinned tabs allow you to pin frequently visited websites to each tab group.
• Tabs in the sidebar show you your open tabs in a list.
• Settings you’ve made for certain websites are now synced across all your devices.
• Editing strong passwords allows you to adjust strong passwords to meet certain websites’ password requirements.

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