Apple delays release of iCloud Shared Photo Library

The iCloud shared photo library, a major new feature of the Photos app for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, will not be released on Monday at the same time as the final version of iOS 16. Apple has indeed decided to postpone this function to a later update. of his system, without specifying which one. If we had to bet, we would bet on iOS 16.1, which will probably be released at the same time as iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura.

Apple picture.

This novelty indeed needs an up-to-date ecosystem to fully function. Pictures from the shared photo library will indeed not be visible on iOS 15, macOS Monterey or earlier versions. Even though the feature doesn’t interfere with other photos and videos stored in your personal photo library, and even though the Photos app displays a message indicating that items are missing, Apple probably thought it was simpler and more logical to delay the whole function.

The message that appears on iOS and macOS devices out of date, if they detect that you have enabled iCloud Shared Photo Library.

The final version of iOS 16 expected on Monday will not allow you to configure an iCloud shared photo library. Note, however, that if you had tested the function during the betas, it should remain available in the final. In any case, it is on my iPhone after installing iOS 16 RC.


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