Andor, everything there is to know about the Disney Plus series

Come and discover Andor, a series further developing the Star Wars universe and which is scheduled to land soon on Disney+.

Rebel agent Cassian Andor returns to our screens in the premiere of the new TV series named Andor. History promises to make up for all those missing years in Star Wars. She would answer most of our questions. Here’s everything there is to know about this series.

Star Wars: Andor release date

The series will premiere on Disney+ this September 22, 2022 with a double episode. This first season of 12 episodes will be broadcast one episode per week. In the process, the public also learns that a second season will also enter production from November 2022.

The background of the story told

This story tell what happened long before the one we saw before in Star Wars. The first season of Star Wars: Andor chronicles a year in Star Wars history. The 12-episode second season focuses on what happened to Cassian Andor and the rebels. This second season will therefore look at the following four years.

At first, the cynical Andor is drawn into a story culminating in the rise of the rebellion. He then becomes a revolutionary and an essential agent of the rebels, especially when there is a disreputable job.

The series is thus described as a spy thriller. Diego Luna describes this TV show as the story of a migrant trying to find a place in another society. This story is often observed in the real world. We know that at the end of season 2, Andor will meet Jyn Erso. This meeting will lead to his death, but we do not know more.

What are the characters found in Andor?

The actors returning to Andor are numerous. Mexican actor Diego Luna returns as Cassian Andor. Geneviève O’Reilly slips into the skin of senator and rebel leader Mon Mothma. Stellan Skarsgärd plays the role of Luthen here. Referring to the trailer, it seems that the latter could be the leader of the rebels and a possible associate of Andor.

Like Luna and O’Reilly, Forest Whitaker also returns in this new series to reprise his old role. He therefore returns to the skin of Sam Gerrera. Alderaan Bail Organa may also return to Andor, but this news has yet to be confirmed.

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