Algerian opponent escapes secret service kidnapping in Turkey

A former Algerian officer who became an opponent exiled in France, claimed to have been the victim of a trap in Turkey aimed at deporting him to Algeria. Since the rise to power of Abdelmadjid Tebboune in Algiers, the purge business and the manhunt of opponents has taken a worrying turn.

A former Algerian officer and former member of the Arab League observer mission in Syria, Anwar Malek is exiled to France where he continues his research in international relations, and has become a writer.

An opponent of the Algerian regime and its methods, and human rights activist, Anwar Malek claimed on Twitter posts that he escaped deportation to Algeria on Sunday, even though he is not on the list of those accused of terrorism, announced by the Algerian authorities last May.

I was the victim of a trap woven by the Algerian intelligence services and mafia network in Istanbul (with resources) within the Turkish secret services. The plan was to kidnap me inside the Turkish plane. All under cover of a sordid accusation of presenting a danger to Turkish national security. Without the goodness of God who saved me from the clutches of these criminals (I would have been the victim of an) extradition to Algeriaโ€, he wrote on Twitter.

In another post, the Algerian academic called on President Recep Tayep Erdogan to intervene so that the Turkish authorities investigate this deportation operation of which he was the victim.

โ€œI call on the Turkish authorities to investigate my arrest at Istanbul airport after being removed from the plane by security agents. This happened following a well-considered plan prepared since last May with the aim of forcibly deporting me to Algeria,โ€ he wrote to the address of the Turkish president.

And to add that this plan would have been executed by the Algerian intelligence services in collaboration with a Turkish mafia network with influence within the Turkish security apparatus.

According to the Algerian dissident, the Turkish mafia group would come from Istanbul and would have obtained a notice prohibiting entry into Turkish soil thanks to its contacts.

The 58-year-old former Algerian officer finally escaped this kidnapping attempt by returning to Paris in France where his flight originated.

An international hunt for the opponent

If Anwar Malek escaped extradition, this was not the case for other of his compatriots, ex-soldiers like Mohamed Benhalima and Mohamed Abdellah, two deserters accused of “terrorism”, delivered to Algeria by the Spain in recent months, despite threats of torture awaiting them.

Since the controversial election of Abdelmadjid Tebboune at the end of 2019, the “new Algeria” has been marked by an authoritarian reversal that stalks all forms of opposition. Two organizations based abroad, Rachad and MAK, have been listed as terrorists and their presidents are the subject of several arrest warrants.

Other opponents, exiled Algerian bloggers and journalists, are also actively sought by the Algerian services in order to imprison them in Algeria and cut them off from any means of communication which allows them to expose the realities of the Algerian regime to the world.

On this list of opponents, is the blogger Amir Dz, considered the number one public enemy of the Algerian regime. The latter has just escaped his deportation after several months of fighting before the French courts.

For his part, the septuagenarian Kabyle poet, Ferhat Mehenni, president of the Movement for the self-determination of Kabylie (MAK) who was to intervene as a guest of the television news of the French channel CNews, was deprogrammed at the last minute on direct intervention from Algeria.

The video of the announcement of his deprogramming while he was behind the scenes has gone around social networks and testifies to Algerian activism abroad to silence any form of protest or opposition after having succeeded in asphyxiating the Hirak anti-system movement on its territory by taking advantage of the covid-19 health crisis.

According to the French media, the intervention of Algeria to deprogram Ferhat Mehenni from the private channel CNews would have been made at the highest level of the State, with direct blackmail by Abdelmadjid Tebboune with French President Emmanuel Macron, threatening him to cancel the bilateral agreements which must be signed during the visit of the French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne to Algeria.

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