Algeria has spent more than 6 billion USD to support the Polisario

The adoption of resolution 2654 relative to the question of the Moroccan Sahara, which renewed the mandate of the MINURSO for one year until the end of October 2023, overturned the detractors of the Kingdom, who agreed to change the position du Conseil de Sécurité, surtout qu’Alger a dépensé des sommes colossals in faveur du lobbying polisarien. During a press conference held following the adoption of the aforementioned resolution, Omar Hilale, who was pleased with the UN position, recalled that Algeria’s involvement in the Sahara affair is undeniable, noting that in seulement une année «l’Algérie a dépensé 6 milliards USD pour sutenir le lobbying polisarien». “Where are the separatists? Qui leur procure des armes? Who assumes the prices of their displacements, their habitats, their foods, their groups of pressure?», s’est interrogé rhetorically Omar Hilale, adding that everything happens in Tindouf and that it’s Algeria that aggravates the situation.

The ambassador also remarked that the new resolution reaffirms the constant position of the Security Council, and through him of the international community according to which the solution to this regional dispute must be realistic, pragmatic, durable and based on compromise .

“This corroboration of the position of the Conseil de sécurité qui ne souffre d’aucune ambiguïté rejoint la conviction du SG de l’ONU dans son dernier rapport en appelant à ce que le règlement de cette question se base sur les résolutions du Conseil de sécurité depuis 2018”, a relevé l’ambassadeur morocain, adding that this new text, which “is not a repeat resolution” of the texts of previous years, is distinguished by four new provisions that the Security Council considers to be fundamental for the political process

Par ailleurs, Omar Hilale has advanced the resolution, noting that the Conseil tance the separatist group armed the “polisario” to put an end to six obstructions to the freedom of movement of the MINURSO in its mission zone and to cease ses obstacles à la circulation des convoys de réapprovisionement de ses observateurs. The Conseil also asks the international humanitarian organizations to ensure that the delivery of food assistance to the sequestered populations of the Tindouf camps is carried out in accordance with the good practices of the United Nations, at-il relevé, signaling that the executive body of The United Nations considered it important to insist on this requirement in order to stop the diversion of humanitarian assistance by the armed separatist group and the Algerian red croissant.

The ambassador also observed that the Conseil de sécurité has congratulated, in its new resolution, Morocco for its efforts and achievements in the field of protection and promotion of human rights in the six Saharan provinces.


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