Alexander-Arnold comforted by Liverpool legend

Due to a very worrying start to the season, England defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is facing critical acid at the moment. But he has also

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy is confident Trent Alexander-Arnold can bounce back from his tricky spell.

“Alexander-Arnold problems can be easily solved”

Murphy believes the young full-back’s ‘problems’ can be ‘easily solved’. “Trent Alexander-Arnold has not reached his usual level against Manchester United and Napoli and faces the challenge of being selected for the World Cup,” Murphy told the Daily Mail. “He needs to revise his positional game and sense danger a bit more quickly. He’s been given free rein for a long time, but he should protect himself better, even if it means sacrificing a few forward runs.”

“Right-back is one of the toughest positions to fill in England due to competition from Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier and Reece James. Trent has an X factor that his rivals don’t have but he needs to look into their qualities in order to be more valuable,” continued the ex-midfielder.

On his former team’s poor form since the start of the season, Murphy said: “Liverpool have seemed complacent this season, but I don’t mean the players aren’t giving 100%. it’s more about a lack of precision or an inability to do the essential things when you don’t have competition in your position I sometimes slipped into the comfort zone and needed a jerk I’m not saying Trent is the same but Liverpool coaches could spend more time with him to analyze the defensive parts of his game that need work He is a good listener and his problems are easily solved solved. The little things can make a big difference.”


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