Alcohol sales in Qatar ‘will be no different’ from other World Cups

The sale of alcohol around the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not “will be no different” from those of previous World Cups and will take place ” as per usual “ in the rest of the country, assured Thursday the CEO of the tournament, Nasser Al-Khater.

“I think there is a misconception about the sale of alcohol in stadiums. We operate like any other World Cup.”Al-Khater insisted at a press conference in Doha, 73 days before the start of the sporting event.

During the tournament, from November 20 to December 18, beer stands will open around the stadiums from three hours until 30 minutes before the start of matches. They will then reopen for an hour after the final whistle.

In the main FIFA fan zone established in the capital, Doha, the consumption of alcohol will only be possible from 6.30 p.m. “because it will attract families”Al-Khater said. “This time limit does not apply to other fan zones and hotels selling alcohol where it will be business as usual”he specified.

In Qatar, a conservative Muslim country, alcohol can only be purchased by non-Muslim residents at a government store and around 30 hotel bars and restaurants. Normally, drinking in public is not permitted outside of these venues.


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