Aerotech to Showcase Latest Command Platform at SPS

From November 8 to 10, in Nuremberg, the company will be exhibiting the new version 2.3 of its Automation 1 motion control platform.

Automation1 replaces previous ordering platforms (A3200, Ensemble and Soloist) with new features and a more intuitive architecture. ” Our latest version 2.3 has several new features, such as the HMI Machine Apps development tool. With this fully customizable tool we have replaced the old CNC user interface and in this way we have revolutionized user interfaces for drive systems explains Simon Smith, European Director of Aerotech.

Version 2.3 is officially compatible with EtherCAT, in order to connect to PLC-based systems and thus expand the options for high-precision motion processes when integrated into a conventional lower-precision system. Touchscreen features for MachineApps support and the Python API configuration interface are still in beta.

Alongside this new platform, the company will also exhibit PRO-LM linear stages, with direct drive by a linear motor and with ball screws.

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