A wide variety of creations at the arts fair

“The animation brings life back to the village which needed it after two years of crisis, it is good for morale, especially since the return of the sun is beneficial after the rain in the morning”, confided Danielle Guionie, the head of the library.

She has resumed service in catering, in particular in the preparation of the arqui’fl’ette, a specialty made with local productions, alongside the municipal team of Cécile Becker, volunteers from the AAA, parents of students and Herbes folles in Puisaye also mobilized.

At the Salle Jean Carriès, the arts fair gave pride of place to local, professional and amateur artists. An exhibition combining the diversity of pictorial expressions, the transformation of materials earth, iron, fabric.

Paintings, sculptures and ceramic pieces, porcelain, paintings, ironwork, sewing, collection of poetry… made up the beautifully crafted palette revealing creativity and talented know-how, exhibitors in the sector, Sabine Tapia-Prégermain, Patricia Bourdais, Krystiane Mannevy , Marian Cobos and Matéos, Marie-Hélène Bardi and Christophe Laforge.

Delighted with the welcome in the room made available. “We ran out of visitors,” observed the exhibitors, for whom family and friends had reserved the surprise unexpected visit that was inevitably welcome in the afternoon.


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