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Walter Sabatini is the former sporting director of Roma and he notably recruited Leandro Paredes. He is now at Salernitana During an interview for Tuttosport, he talks about the qualities of the Argentine and also talks about Juventus. Check out some of his statements in this article.

The playing qualities he likes in Leandro Paredes:

“I was struck by the geometries of Leandro. I said it and I repeat it, he is the most vertical player I have ever seen. And precisely for this reason, I am delighted that he is the ideal midfield for this Leopard from Allegri. Paredes thinks like Max, vertically. It’s an innate characteristic, either you have it or you don’t. Leandro’s interlocutory passage is always towards the forward, for the attacking midfielder or for the attacker who moves back. And this way of doing things allows the team to gain ground and advance by 20-30 meters. The men of the movement benefit especially from the play of Paredes. He The same goes for Vlahovic, who is adept at attacking depth.”

“Leandro has exceptional ballistic ability and stood up to two specialists like Francesco and Miralem. And in fact even now it makes me angry! Why? Because Paredes, for the right he has, should score ten league goals from outside the box, with the ball in motion.”

Angel Di Maria:

“If I was close to signing him? No. And that’s why I don’t consider it a regret, also because not all players can be bought. However, revisiting my Argentine stories from those years, it depresses me that I have never approached such a talent. Fideo is 34 years old, but he is still a formidable champion.”

Massiliano Allegri:

“Let’s stop bothering him… Allegri has above-average practicality. He solves problems. And it will be the same this time too. Max was unlucky, one suddenly he lost Chiesa and Pogba. And he still hasn’t been able to get the most out of Di Maria. When he gets those three back, you’ll see that Juventus will be stronger than last season.”


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