a Redmi 6A would have exploded and killed its owner

A YouTuber has recounted the horrific incident of a woman who allegedly died in India in the National Capital Region of Delhi when her Redmi 6A smartphone exploded. Xiaomi would have carried out the investigation.

Credit: MD Talk YT

Several incidents of phone battery explosions have been reported in the past. For example, we have regularly heard in recent months explosions of different OnePlus Nord 2or even Samsung smartphone batteries that had exploded due to the heat wave. This time, it is a device from Xiaomi that would be the cause of a dramatic incident.

According to YouTuber MD Talk YT, his aunt died after the explosion of a battery in his Redmi 6A smartphone in the middle of the night while she was asleep. It would be one of the first cases of death after the explosion of a smartphone.

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A Redmi 6A causes the death of a woman after exploding

To prove his claim, YouTuber MD Talk YT shared snaps of the exploded phone as well as his aunt lying in a pool of blood on the bed, claiming that the death was linked to the explosion of the device’s battery. For obvious reasons, we won’t share that last photo.

Yesterday night my aunt was found dead, she was using a Redmi 6A, she was sleeping and she kept the phone near her face, on the side of the pillow & after a while her phone exploded. It’s a bad time for us. It’s a brand’s responsibility to support “, can we read in the tweet.

The company said in response that the matter was under investigation. Customer safety is very important to Xiaomi, and the matter is therefore taken very seriously. The Chinese manufacturer’s team is currently trying to contact the family and determine the exact cause of the accident.

Following this horrific tragedy, the YouTuber urged the Indian government and smartphone manufacturers to establish strict security rules for mobile devices, which will prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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